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About Us

The programme has been developed as an apprenticeship route into the commercial driving and logistics sector, in response to challenges and changes within the sector.

This apprenticeship is based on a collaboration between ATU Sligo and the FTAI, informed by the Consortium Steering Group. It meets the statutory requirements of apprenticeship, in partnership with SOLAS, the Higher Education Authority (HEA), employers, FTAI and apprentices.

Findings from both of the following reports informed the development of this programme, Addressing the Demand for Skills in the Freight Transport, Distribution and Logistics Sector in Ireland 2015-2020 and 2018 report, “Addressing the Skills Needs Arising from the Potential Trade Implications of Brexit”, respectively.

Programme development took place over several months and involved agreement of programme learning outcomes aligned to the Occupational Profile, in consultation with stakeholders.

Particular attention was given to opportunities for on-the-job learning. The programme is aligned with the QQI/ATU Sligo Business Award standards, in recognition of the changing role of commercial drivers, and the competencies and skills that they are required to display in their role. It also meets the needs of industry and addresses the skills that are required in new, as well as existing commercial drivers.

As a significant part of the apprentices’ formation will take place with the employer, the role of the employer is crucial to the excellence of the graduate of an apprenticeship programme.


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