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Apprenticeship Programme

The purpose of the programme is to address the staffing and skills shortage of vehicle operatives/commercial drivers in the transport industry by having an apprenticeship route into this occupation.

The objective of the programme is to acknowledge and recognise the changing role of the occupation of Commercial Driver and to ensure that they will have acquired the necessary knowledge, skills and competence to carry out the core tasks and responsibilities of their role.

There is a need to change the perception of the occupation of the commercial driver and the provision of an apprenticeship entry route, with progression opportunities, will be beneficial in this regard.


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The aim and objectives of the Programme are derived from the approved occupational profile, as approved by the Apprenticeship Council.

Apprentices are employed during the two years of the academic programme (1 day per week). Experience is gained by working on the job and Apprentices will be required to complete assignments and examinations for both their academic study and work-based placements, ensuring that they receive the correct preparation for positioning themselves for their future careers.

Obviously, as this is a driver apprenticeship and part of the training requires preparation and lessons for the Driving test in licence categories C / CE apprentices will gain broad experience and knowledge of their employer’s business supporting their understanding of logistics and the importance of efficient and safe distribution services.

Examples of the type of work experience that will take place as employers are preparing for their driving test might include (and not restricted to), Warehouse support services, transport operations and planning, Driver aid, van sales.

Improving the career prospects and opportunities for new entrants into the commercial driving and transport sector is vital in future proofing against skills shortage and an ageing workforce.

This, coupled with raising the standards of compliance and professionalism, will ultimately help attract more young people into the sector.

The objective of this programme is to provide a recognised HE qualification for the industry, that is part of a number of measures proposed, in consultation with the industry.

The programme will provide school leavers need a more holistic understanding of the transport and logistics sector and the type of jobs available at all levels of the supply chain.

ATU Sligo, in collaboration with industry, is committed to raising awareness of the opportunities for access and progression from such an apprenticeship programme.

This Industry-led apprenticeship will increase the opportunities for sustainable career paths within the industry and aims to provide apprentices with the technical, conceptual, and interpersonal competencies to successfully work in this dynamic field.

The objectives for this new apprenticeship are as follows

To add value to both the apprentice and the employer, by providing opportunities for upskilling
To enable and encourage academic progression and continuous professional development
To position the apprenticeship not just as a job, but as the starting point for a career in the sector
To provide regional jobs within the regions by being a nationwide Government supported programme
To facilitate progression on to follow on qualifications, building the concept of commercial driving and transport operations as a lifelong career, for example a diploma, degrees and/or the advanced freight distribution and logistics qualifications

The training modules covered by Institute of Technology Sligo (ATU Sligo) are as follows

Year 1
On the job Modules
Off the job Modules

Semester 1

No specific on the job modules

Personal Effectiveness and ICT Skills (Online)

Introduction to Supply Chain Management (Online)

Principles of Professional Driving (Online)

Introduction to HGV Technology CVRT
(Workshop Based)

Semester 2

Driver Test Comletion and CPC Training

Customer Care(Online)

Work Based Portfolio

Warehousing and Distribution (Online)

Introduction to Finance

Year 2
On the job Modules
Off the job Modules(all delivered online)

Semester 1

No specific on the job modules

Road Freight Operations and Route Plan

Customs and International Trade

Legal Studies for the Transport Industry

Health and Safety at work( vehicale safety)

Semester 2

Work Based Portfolio

Introduction to Management (supervision and Organisation Behaviour)

Enterprise and Market Development

Sustainable Transport Operations and Technologies

Apprentices will be assigned a workplace Mentor who will guide the Apprentice through their journey on this programme. Mentors are individuals with years of industry experience and are trained by ATU Sligo to carry out this role.

Their responsibility is to ensure that Apprentices hit their makers along the two-year journey and provide knowledge and insight where an Apprentice requires support.

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